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ASSOCIATE: Applies to businesses that supply goods or services to the petroleum and/or service station industries; however, it excludes any company, subsidiary, or related firm of any company that sells petroleum products on a wholesale or retail basis, unless that company is also a CFCA member in its proper category of marketer, retailer, etc. Associate membership includes any person or entity that has commercial interests in industry markets, waste oil, tank & equipment manufacturing, construction, tank lining, truck washing, scale operators, or c-store suppliers.


BROKER: Applies to companies that manufacture or distribute transportation fuel products but are not defined as a marketer or refiner per CFCA’s definition.


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COMMON CARRIER: Applies to owners/operators of transportation services for petroleum-related products.

1-10 Trucks-$1,000

11-20 Trucks-$1,500

 20+ Trucks- $2,000

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MARKETER: Please select your dues based on your annual fuel and lubricants sales (all fuel types included).

Marketers engaging in both wholesale and retail operations must complete separate applications for both marketer and retailer categories

<10 million gallon-$1,500

10-25 million gallons-$5,000

26-75 million gallons-$8,500

76-150 million gallons-$11,000

151-250 million gallons-$15,000

>250 million gallons-$20,000


RETAILER: Applies to owners/operators of retail sites such as truck stops, retail motor fuel facilities, or c-stores. Your dues will be calculated by the number of stores you own, which you will input on the next page.

$100-First store
$50 for each additional store

RETIRED MEMBER: Applies to previous members who are now retired.


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